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Injured in a car wreck due to someone else’s negligence, recklessness, or distracted driving? Camden Law can help you recover damages and get you the financial compensation you deserve!



Hit by an 18-wheeler truck, tractor-trailer, or a commercial truck? Call the truck wreck lawyers at Camden Law to get the strong, diligent representation you deserve.



Camden Law is experienced in representing motorcycle riders. Our lead trial attorney is a motorcycle enthusiast and passionate about helping riders.


Accident Lawyers in Arlington, TX

If you’ve been injured in an accident and are considering hiring a personal injury attorney, it’s important to choose someone who will best represent your interests and help you recover the compensation you deserve. The following are some important factors to consider when looking for a personal injury attorney in Arlington, Texas.

Experience and expertise

A personal injury attorney who has a lot of experience handling cases similar to yours is likely to be more effective in obtaining a favorable outcome. Look for an attorney who has handled cases with similar types of injuries, such as brain or spinal cord injuries, or who has specific experience with the type of accident that caused your injuries, such as car accidents or slip-and-fall incidents.


A reputable personal injury attorney is one who has a proven track record of success and is well-respected by the legal community and clients. Look for online reviews, testimonials from previous clients, and check the attorney’s professional memberships, such as the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, to gauge their reputation.

Communication and Accessibility

Communication is key when it comes to personal injury cases, so it’s important to choose an attorney who is responsive and easy to communicate with. You want someone who will keep you informed about the status of your case, answer your questions, and be available to you when you need them.

Approach to negotiations and trial

Some personal injury attorneys prefer to settle cases out of court, while others are more willing to go to trial if necessary. Consider what you feel comfortable with and what you think will be most effective in your particular case.

Legal Fees

Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means they only get paid if you recover compensation. However, it’s still important to discuss the fee arrangement in detail before you hire an attorney, so you understand what you’ll be responsible for and what you can expect in terms of costs.

Knowledge of the Local Court System

An attorney who is familiar with the local court system and judges in Arlington, Texas, is more likely to have a good understanding of what to expect in your case. This knowledge can be invaluable when it comes to making strategic decisions about how to proceed.


Finally, make sure the attorney you choose is available to take your case and has the time to devote to it. Personal injury cases can be complex and time-consuming, so you want an attorney who is committed to your case and has the resources to see it through to the end.

In conclusion, finding the right personal injury attorney in Arlington, Texas, can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. Take the time to do your research, ask questions, and find an attorney who has the experience, reputation, and approach that you’re looking for. With the right attorney on your side, you can focus on your recovery while they work to get you the compensation you deserve.

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Injured in an Auto Accident?

If you have recently been involved in a car accident in Arlington it is wise to hire a lawyer to help you deal with your claim, especially when fighting against the other party’s insurance company. Connect with our Arlington office ASAP after the accident so that we can collect and preserve the evidence needed to support your case. Our auto accident & injury attorneys in Arlington will treat you like family and will fight on your behalf to win your case and recover the compensation you deserve.


Types of Accident Cases We Handle

Our Arlington accident lawyers have handled many types of car, truck, van, and motorcycle accidents involving:

  • Rollover Accidents
  • Head-on Collisions
  • Drunk Driving Accidents

  • Distracted Driving Accidents

  • Reckless Driving Accidents

  • Wrong Turns or Lane Changes

  • Poor Maintenance & Vehicle Malfunctions

Arlington Accident Lawyer

Marshall A. Bridges, LL.M

Of Counsel

Marshall has a background in insurance defense and business law giving him a wealth of knowledge regarding the inner workings of insurance companies. This, combined with his comprehensive medical knowledge gained while a combat medic, gives Marshall a competitive advantage in negotiating settlements with the insurance companies. Should a client matter not be resolved through negotiation, Marshall is a experienced, successful litigator with ample trial experience that will fight tenaciously for his clients before the judge and jury.

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“They really helped me out in a recent dispute. Thankfully, they didn’t think my matter was “too small” for them, and gave me their full attention to help me resolve the issue favorably and timely.” – R.S.

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