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What To Do After an 18 Wheeler Truck Accident

Eighteen-wheeler trucks are an ever-present site on highways and roads. But no one ever really expects to be involved in an 18-wheeler truck accident. The thought of colliding with one of these massive vehicles is enough to make anyone want to stay off the roads. However, people still need to drive, and 18-wheeler truck accidents do happen. If you or someone you love is involved in an 18-wheeler truck accident, be sure to follow the correct process to take advantage of your rights.  

Seek Medical Attention

First and foremost, the health and safety of the driver and passengers involved in an accident are the most critical. Seek medical attention for anyone injured during an 18-wheeler truck accident. Anyone injured in the accident should go to the hospital immediately and be evaluated by medical professionals. There’s no denying that taking care of yourself and your loved ones after an accident should be the first thing you do.

Contact Police

After assessing injuries, contact the police. In most instances, police will already be en route to an 18-wheeler truck accident before you are able to call, but if not, contact them to report the accident. They will make notes concerning what happened in order to have documentation involving the accident. If you can, have a relative or friend come to the scene to record documentation as well.

Record Details of the Accident

After an accident, sit down and take notes about what you remember. Ask passengers or bystanders to do the same. Take photos of the scene and get the names of any vehicles who stopped to help that can attest to what happened or act as potential witnesses later on. Record as many details as possible to help your case. Most likely, a trucking company won’t outright accept liability for an accident, even if the driver was at fault. The more records you keep, the harder it will be for trucking companies to minimize their involvement.

Contact a Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer

Finally, it is in your best interest to contact an expert in the area of 18-wheeler truck accidents. A tractor-trailer accident lawyer will have experience in helping other accident victims so that they can, in turn, advise you as to your best course of action. The physical and financial effects after such an accident can be extensive. Rely on a trusted tractor-trailer accident lawyer to work with you to receive the benefits you deserve after such an accident so that you can get back on your feet.  

For more information on what your rights are after an 18-wheeler accident or to speak to a tractor-trailer accident lawyer, contact our attorneys at Camden Law Group. 

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