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Common Truck Accident Injuries

Large trucks out on the road should be easier to see and avoid, but the sad truth is accidents still happen. Because of the side of trucks and traditional vehicles, significant and serious injuries can occur because of an accident. Not only can injuries occur, but from these injuries can come medical bills, chronic health issues, loss of wages, and pain and trauma that can go on for years to come. Truck wreck attorneys have helped many fight for their rights after an accident. If someone you know has been involved in a truck accident, it could be time to reach out to a truck accident lawyer to pursue compensation for these common injuries.

Back or Spinal Cord Injuries

Back injuries are common after car wrecks, but these injuries can be even more significant after a collision with a truck. Back or spinal cord injuries are also more prone to turn into chronic injuries, especially if persistent medical treatment isn’t undergone. Back or spinal cord injuries can include spinal cord damage, paralysis, compression fractures, herniated discs, or other general back injuries that can cause excruciating pain. A truck wreck lawyer can help you get the means necessary to receive medical treatment to reduce chronic back pain.


Another common injury as a result of a car accident. While whiplash can seem minor, it can cause significant problems later down the road. Symptoms of whiplash can include neck pain, limited range of motion, stiffness, or dizziness. If you have suffered whiplash as the result of a collision with a truck, a truck accident attorney can help.


The impact of a truck accident can also lead to fractures of many bones in the body, such as ribs, legs, arms, wrists, or even fingers. These fractures can result in needing a cast and physical therapy. A significant time off work from broken bones could be required. If you have a physically demanding job, it could be difficult to do your job while healing. A truck wreck lawyer can help you receive compensation for lost wages so you can focus on healing and not on missing work and wages.

Internal Trauma or Brain Injuries

Significant injuries can occur from truck accidents, such as internal injuries or even brain trauma. These types of injuries are not injuries that you can bounce back from quickly. There are several factors that need to be considered to allow for healing. Truck accident lawyers have worked with families of those who have suffered such significant injuries to receive what is needed to receive medical assistance for as long as required. These devastating injuries require so much more, so don’t fight the battle alone.

Turn to a truck wreck lawyer who can advocate for you or your loved one.

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