5 Things to do After Being Hit by an 18-Wheeler in Texas

Being hit by an 18-wheeler is a serious situation, so staying calm and taking the right steps is crucial. Here are 5 things to do after getting hit by an 18-wheeler in Texas:

Ensure Safety: Check yourself and others for injuries. If possible, move to a safe location away from traffic. Turn on your hazard lights.

Call 911: This is for both medical attention and to report the accident. The police will create an official accident report which will be important later.

Gather Evidence: If you’re able, take photos of the scene, damage to vehicles, road conditions, and any traffic signs. You can also try to get witness names and contact information.

Exchange Information: Get the truck driver’s name, license plate number, and insurance information. Do the same for any other drivers involved.

Seek Medical Attention: Even if you feel okay, see a doctor as soon as possible. Some injuries may not show symptoms immediately.

Bonus Tip: Considering the seriousness of a collision with an 18-wheeler, consult with a personal injury lawyer experienced in truck accidents. They can help you navigate the legal side of things and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.